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Our Story

Musashi blends blockchain based innovation with rich Japanese heritage, history and culture. It offers innovative financial products such as an innovative defi staking and yield farming system that governed by the governance token - Musashi Token, a blockchain based gaming platform where everyone wins, DEX and an NFT based collectible marketplace.

The Musashi decentralize financial ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Musashi Token(BEP20) based token act as  governance and farming reward token for participants that perform a stake In the series of decentralize staking pool held In "Musashi.Finance".  It has a limited supply, with a total token count of 10 billion Musashi Token.

Musashi Finance envisions to implement the Musashi Miyamoto philosophy in the decentralized blockchain world, planning to become one of the famous yield aggregator platform that providing most effective yield farming return to user that wish to contribute liquidity to the decentralized finance industries. Like the principals that Samurais and warriors fought for during the medieval decades, Musashi Finance aims to bring along the conventional centralized assets' holders to convert and digitize their assets from the modern-world manipulative powers, the financial institution and intermediaries towards fully decentralized environment.

Musashi aims to offer a decentralized financial instrument that is trustless, automated and completely independent of central point of control of failure. It aims to offer a platform act as a yield farming cross-chain aggregator through multiple blockchains such as BSC, DOT and HECO chain. Musashi also wish to provide the latest creative farming ways with the Implementation of gaming entertainment concept to boost the numbers of participants into the group farming activities.

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Our Roadmap

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Musashi Token (MSS) is an BEP20 token that strives to serving as a governance and farming rewards token for Musashi Ecosystem (MECO).

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